Pond Solutions

Pond Construction

Ximenez Waterfalls has been the leader in natural and sculptured waterfalls for over three decades. Our unique designs has established us to be one of the top ten waterfall and pool companies in the nation. Ximenez artistry will dazzle you and transform your yard into a watergarden paradise. Pond-less water garden kits, koi ponds and minimalistic water gardens is our forté! Building your project right the first time has always been our goal. Energy efficient pumps, filters, liners, UV lights, water treatments, koi fish and plants are provided for you. Join our ever-growing list of over 2,000 satisfied customers!


Pond Repair and Maintenance

Understanding aquatic life is the knowledge of a balanced ecosystem. Aquatic plants, oxygen, fish and beneficial bacteria all need each other for a perfectly balanced environment.When we care for your pond needs, we first evaluate to obtain a complete understanding of your current system. We then choose the right equipment and products for creating a pleasing environment for aquatic wildlife in your pond. Wether the pond needs a complete draining and deep cleaning or just adding a beneficial bacteria to balance algae control, we insure the life of all aquatic creatures in your pond.


Pond Repair and Maintenance services we provide:

  • Clean skimmer basket.
  • Clean Pump Pod.
  • Vacuum and remove leaves from pond.
  • Lubricate O-Rings.
  • Lubricate pump bearings.
  • Check UV Light.
  • Check pond circulation.
  • Clean main drain suction.
  • Visually check condition of fish.
  • Add bacteria.
  • Add barley extract.
  • Add algae fix (if needed).
  • Add chlorine (if no fish or plants).
  • Removal of water in pond.
  • Removal of fish (using fish safe containers).
  • Sludge and debris removal.
  • Trim plants and fertalize.
  • Pressure wash pond & filter pads.
  • Vacuum & drain pond floor.
  • Fill pond with tap water.
  • Ad de-chlorinator.
We can check for:

  • Water Conditions. (Ph. Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrates)
  • Pump performance.
  • Filter performance.
  • Conditions for fish safe environments.
  • Visible leaks in plumbing and waterfalls.
  • Structural conditions of project and give professional analysis to repair or upgrade.